Jay Stott- Rueful Americana for Grownups.


“like Dwight Yoakum singing a mid-sixties Dylan.” Dan Raza

“if you were hoping for a bit of old school carnage to spice up your playlist this spring, [Wreckage of Now] makes a near-perfect addition by all measurements. -Matt Herman, Camden Monthly

“Jay’s vocal style recalls rock icons such as John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, and Ben Nichols, to mention but a few. If you like the raw style of these artists then you’ll love Jay Stott’s new release.” The Bandcamp Diaries


October 2022- Finalist at Texas Troubadour Songwriter Classic, Clifton, TX

June 2023- Finalist at Red Lodge Songwriter Festival Songwriting Competition, Red Lodge MT.


Jay Stott, who wrote his first song while working as a wilderness guide, puts all of his life experiences into his ‘rueful Americana.’ 

After begging his parents for a guitar at 14, Jay brought music with him on a lot of fun adventures. The first song, which came while he was riding shotgun on the Alaskan Highway, began a creative streak that continues today in Colorado- his long-time home.

Jay’s been a ski instructor, fishing guide, busdriver, bricklayer, carpenter, hot tub technician, retail worker, high school teacher, janitor, heavy equipment operator, house painter, vacuum salesperson, shuttle driver, bouncer, wanna-be novelist, newspaper writer, security guard and a bunch of other stuff he’d rather not remember. It all ends up in his songs somehow.

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