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Best Quote Ever:

“like Dwight Yoakam singing a mid-60s Dylan” – Dan Raza, radio host and songwriter

Random Stuff

Interview/Profile with Shoutout Colorado, Feb 15, 2022

Interview with Vents Magazine online, Aug. 17, 2020

Write up in German online magazine Rootstime, Sept. 1, 2020. (I have no idea what it says, hope it’s nice!)

“Wreckage of Now” Single Press and reviews:

Skope Magazine, Aug. 7, 2020- “For many, [Stott’s] songs will sound a whole lot better than the sonic wreckage of (music) now.”

Dancing About Achitecture, Aug. 7, 2020“And if you are going to  argue that all you can do when in the confines of the genre is re-invent the wheel to some degree, at least artists such as Jay Stott manage to add some fancy trims, rev the engine excessively and take that wheel for a spin round the block, ignoring stop signs and pedestrians, jumping the lights, leaving tyre marks on the road surface and generally annoying the neighbours. It is rock and roll after all.” -Dave Franklin

The Bandcamp Diaries, Aug. 3, 2020“Jay’s vocal style recalls rock icons such as John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, and Ben Nichols, to mention but a few. If you like the raw style of these artists then you’ll love Jay Stott’s new release.” 

Camden Monthly, Aug. 6, 2020“if you were hoping for a bit of old school carnage to spice up your playlist this spring, [Wreckage of Now] makes a near-perfect addition by all measurements. -Matt Herman

Up Up Music, Aug. 6, 2020Wreckage of Now may be a yarn about navigating a messy life with booze as your guide, but the song comes to us via such top-notch skills that the result is anything but a wreck.” -Christopher Dallman

Airplay/Internet Radio

Americana Rock Mix Episode #298

Freight Train Boogie Episode #342

Americana Music Show Added June 6, 2016

Wreckingball Radio

Southbound I-35 Episode #31-‘ Texas Wants You Anyways’

Airplay/Terrestrial Radio

KGNU- Boulder, CO

KBUT- Crested Butte, CO

KJAC- Timmath, CO (The Colorado Playlist- Featured on the Monday Morning Music Meeting)

WSLR- Sarasota, FL (Americana Rock Soundoff)


Redstone Review- Lyons, CO Week of Feb. 22, 2016

Lyons Recorder- The Bluesologist Lyons, CO Week of Feb. 29, 2016

MMAC Monthly- Noteworthy

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