Wreckage of Now- Lyrics and Liner Notes

All music and lyrics © Jay Stott 2020

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Produced by Jay Stott, Brian Schey, Brian McRae

Jay Stott- Guitar and Vocals
Brian McRae-Drums and Percussion
Brian Schey- Bass
Arthur Lee Land- Guitars
John Stenger- Piano and Organ
Brian Eyester- Dobro
Enion Pelta-Tiler- Fiddle
Ash Ganley and Jesse Garland- Vocals

01- Wreckage of Now
02- All Night Long
03- Desert Heat
04- Can’t Stop Love
05- Electric Guy (In a bluegrass town)
06- Grain Belt Sign
07- Never Did Learn How To Dance
08- One Drink Two Drink
09- Stuck In Love
10- Dying In Droves

Wreckage of Now

Three days without shaving, four without sleep,
Do another line and pray my soul to keep.
Barefoot on the floor dodging broken glass,
From the bottle I swore would be my last.

Some folks struggle with the wreckage of the past,
Trying to figure out how the die is cast.
I’m a little different, not sure how,
I’m always trying to deal with the wreckage of now.

Her note’s on the table, lying there still,
I suppose I should burn it but I don’t have the will.
I guess what it says is probably fair,
But if I keep drinking I won’t have to care.

Propped in the corner, with blood covered strings.
That guitar ain’t pretty but it sure can sing.
I’m so in love with the stories it tells,
But I only get to hear them when I’m going through hell.


All Night Long

Come on little baby and grab a hold of my hand.
I know things are tough but we gotta do what we can
Gotta have a good time before we run out of sand.
Working real hard but just don’t get anywhere.
Carrying too much worry and care.
Spend most days just fighting for a breath of fresh air.

I’m telling you honey my love hasn’t changed,
Even through the grit, the heartache and pain.
I know it can feel like we’re running out of time,
But tonight I’m yours and baby you’re mine.
Tomorrow’s not here and yesterday’s gone
All I can promise is a dance and a song,
And I’m gonna love you all night long.

So I’m leaving work early and I think you should too.
Trading in my work boots for a pair of dancing shoes.
When we hit the floor we’ll both know what to do.
We’ll keep the party going all night long.
I got 20 bucks says the band plays our favorite song.
So why don’t you go up and put your red dress on.

Hot lights cold beer and sawdust on the floor.
Leave the week behind us as we walk through that door.
When the band finally quits we’ll be screaming more more more.


Desert Heat


Driving through the desert in a worn out rusted Ford,
Only thing I’m running from is being bored.
In an hour I’ll turn up north and head in to the trees,
Where coming through your window is a cool mountain breeze.
There blows, a cool mountain breeze.

Your skin is like the finest silk, softer than the breeze,
I can see your dress rippling as it falls past your knees.
That vision keeps me driving, I’m a spark on a wire,
And for an hour or two at least, we’ll be lost in the fire.
We’ll be lost, lost in the fire.

I guess you don’t know it but this wasn’t meant to last.
Tomorrow or the next day it’ll be a thing of the past.
But right now you are waiting on the porch in your bare feet.
And I’m bringing you some of that desert heat.
I am bringing, all that desert heat.

I know you are thinking this is a special kind of joy,
Somebody ought to warn you girl, I ain’t that kind of boy.
No matter what you’re thinking, I am not the one.
No my best move has always been to cut and run.
You should know, I’m gonna cut and run.

Our love runs like the motor, fast and hot.
It is what it is girl and it’s not what it’s not.
Don’t worry about tomorrow, or what you haven’t got.
‘Cause just like the motor, we’re gonna run ‘till we drop.
We’re gonna run, until we drop.


Can’t Stop Love

You can say it won’t work you can say it’s not right,
You can say you won’t see me after tonight.
You can say I make your daddy too uptight.
You can try to forget me in the morning light.

You might stop me but you can’t stop love,
Climbing from below or dropping from above.
Coming straight at you like a jet powered dove.
You might stop me but you can’t stop love.

Push me out of a fast moving car.
Leave me standing all alone in a back-alley bar.
Launch me in a rocket for the nearest star.
Leave me lying on the ground with tears and scars.

Tie me to the tracks and leave me for the train.
Beat the bottoms of my feet with a rusty chain.
Drop me from the top of the highest crane.
Treat me so bad I can’t take the pain.

I wish I could tell you that my feelings will change.
But a week a month a year, it’ll be the same.
On my beating heart is a tattoo of your name.
I tell you my love is an eternal flame.

Electric Guy (in a bluegrass town)

I don’t know how I landed in this place
I thought I was winning in that old rat race.
I guess I was missing a sense of space,
And when I arrived you could see it on my face.

I’m an electric guy in a bluegrass town,
mandolins and violins, nobody needs a ground.
If I plugged it in, it would burn the whole place down,
I’m an electric guy in a bluegrass town.

As I passed by those red rock cliffs and the water so clear,
I heard some voices harmonizing, brought me near to tears.
Someone picking on a banjo echoed far and near,
The ghost of Bill Monroe must of whispered in my ear.

Now I’ve settled in, got myself a cowboy hat,
Now I know a dobro ain’t some exotic kind of cat.
Picking on the front porch is really where its at,
I guess rock and roll stardom just ain’t all that.

Grain Belt Sign

We can walk out on that bridge tonight,
stare at the water, stare at the light.
If you get the feeling baby I got time,
we can listen to the river whisper to your heart,
underneath, the Grain Belt Sign.

Lights are flashing, sirens wail,
somebody’s going home, somebody’s off to jail.
Somebody’s going to learn to wait somebody’s out of time,
And the river’s going to carry her secrets away,
underneath, the Grain Belt Sign.

That sign’s still there after all these years,
the factories are gone, no one’s making beer.
I’m long gone but you’re still on my mind,
staring at that water, and the Grain Belt Sign.

Six a.m. the city’s in my rearview mirror,
I’m headed west, and I won’t be coming back here.
But a year from now if I’m still on your mind,
walk out on that bridge and curse my name,
underneath, the Grain Belt Sign.

Never Did Learn How To Dance

Well I guess I gotta tell ya that I never did learn how to dance.
Spent most of high school leaning on a wall with my thumbs hooked in my pants.
Some little girl would say ‘oh baby please” I’d turn green and get weak in the knees,
And honey I tell ya I just never leaned how to dance.

Maybe its ‘cause I never really had it in me.
Every time I tried, I looked like a guy, who really really had to pee.
I’d try swaying from left to right, concerned bystanders asked if I was all right,
And baby I guess I never really had it in me.

You fellas who can dance always get the girl,
Now that’s a skill that’ll take ya all around the world.
I ain’t saying there no hope for me yet,
But I don’t recommend you take that bet.

Maybe that’s the reason I learned to play the guitar.
Something cool that I could do, while standing round in a bar,
All you folks are looking good, doing that thing that I never could,
I’m telling you baby that’s why I’m playing guitar.

Well I’m telling you baby I really, really, really can’t dance.
Every time I try, I look like a guy who’s got ants stuck in his pants.
Some little girl would say ‘oh baby please” I’d turn green and get weak in the knees,
And honey I tell ya I just never leaned how to dance.


One Drink Two Drink

Five a.m. I saw the sun rise,
the dashboard bleeding right before my eyes.
No matter what you do, no matter what you try,
the world’s gonna cut you down to size.
Down to Size.

One drink two drink three drink four,
five and there’s a deputy at my door,
Six drink seven drink eight drink nine,
I promise you officer that I ain’t lying.
I ain’t lying.

I’d swear up and down that gun ain’t mine,
I don’t have it in me to do that kind of time.
You’re so busy thinking that it’s all going fine,
you don’t even notice that you crossed the line.
You crossed the Line.

No one knows what’s coming next,
trying to make a guess just leaves you vexed.
You always try to do right but it’s tough to tell,
are you headed up town or headed straight to hell.

I know they’re waiting at the next state line,
I’m on the highway just taking my time,
If they tell you I’m bad, well they ain’t lying,
but all them choices, at least they’re mine.
At least they’re mine.

Stuck In Love

Walking the streets at a half-past two
Town’s shut down, and there’s nothing to do.
Walking and hoping I’ll run into you.
Walking the streets at a half past two.

Working every day like a man who’s lost his mind.
It’s not really lost, ‘cause there’s nothing to find.
Thinking ‘bout you has me in a bind.
Working every day like a man who’s lost his mind.

I don’t know what to do.
I’m stuck in love with you.
I don’t know if I have what it takes to see this matter through.
I’m stuck in love with you.

Sitting in the dark, staring at the phone.
It just won’t ring, and I’m all alone.
Raining out side I’m wondering if you’re at home.
Sitting in the dark staring at the phone.


Dying In Droves

Twenty-three years at the foundry, a wife and three healthy sons,
Saturdays down at the legion, church on Sunday, fishing and guns.
But they figured on doing it cheaper in China,
The wife up and moved to North Carolina,
And now there’s asbestos, down in his lungs.

Suffering’s no better ‘cause you’re doing it in silence,
And I’m tired of praying for fishes and loaves.
Seems no one does better except they’re starting a riot,
And the quiet keep dying in droves.

Single and pregnant at sixteen, not even a high-school degree.
No food, no job and no hope, but hey it’s the land of the free.
Some want to talk about family roots,
Or pulling yourself with the straps on your boots,
But that’s awful tough, when life cuts you off at the knees.

People are mostly just people, doing their best just to cope.
But if all you ever see is the darkness, you end up strung out on TV and dope,
The worse that things get, the more they regret,
Shit’ll start happening that you ain’t seen yet.
‘Cause people will gladly burn the house down, when they’ve got no more reason to hope.

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